Struggles of Small-Time Landlords and Hope in PropTech

Struggles of Small-Time Landlords and Hope in PropTech

The RTB 2021 survey report showed the medium landlord experience. More than half of the surveyed landlords reported a positive or very positive experience. The survey noted that these landlords had properties in rent pressure zones or had more of their income coming from letting out residential properties.

This finding shows how small-time landlords can be at managing their rental business. In most cases, they don’t engage letting agents. So, they collect rent, maintain calls, and list these properties.

Nonetheless, the remaining percentage that is either neutral or had negative experience reflects the often-neglected aspect of finance that result from personal management. As you know, most small-time landlords work on a budget. However, those who look forward to increasing revenues and bottom lines will need to adopt property management software in beneficial ways.

The small-time landlords need to screen tenants, deal with complaints as well as a host of tasks that remain stressful. These challenges need to overcome any landlord. If you’re seeking help with property management challenges PA team is ready to walk you through a journey of transformation and transition to PropTech!

Check out what PA can do for you.

We cannot escape from PropTech, even if we do now, in the near future, it will come back to knock on the doors of landlords!


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