Traffic Jam in the Kingdom and What it means for the Real Estate

It is 8.00 AM on a Sunday. A daily meeting is scheduled to start at 10:30 AM in Riyadh. After every preparation, I have to look at one more thing and that is the congestion level. It reads 67% in the traffic jam index which means I need additional 30 minutes compared to less than […]

Changes in Demand for Homeownership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Homeownership is one of the visions at the heart of the Kingdom. As laid out in vision 2030, 70% of Saudi nationals are expected to be homeowners. Well, this is a jaw-dropping opportunity for real estate investors who are already salivating to meet this demand. Some through large villas and others through small houses. The […]

Struggles of Small-Time Landlords and Hope in PropTech

The RTB 2021 survey report showed the medium landlord experience. More than half of the surveyed landlords reported a positive or very positive experience. The survey noted that these landlords had properties in rent pressure zones or had more of their income coming from letting out residential properties. This finding shows how small-time landlords can […]

Barriers to Sustainable Construction

When you spot a rare sight of Arabian Oryx on Farasan Island, you may not realize that the animal faced extinction in 1972. In the words of former AIA President, Susan Maxman: Sustainable Architecture isn’t a prescription. It’s an approach, an attitude. It shouldn’t even have a label. It should just be Architecture. Since construction […]

PropTech is the Next Hot Agenda for Investment in the Middle East

The growth projection for PropTech sector is estimated to be $86.5 billion in 2032 from $18.2 billion in 2022. The response from players in the industry is already encouraging especially in the middle east. For instance, investors such as BY venture and MEVP amongst others raised $8 to support Stake’s investment in the Kingdom of […]